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Understanding the Characteristics of Trance

Trance has special features that make it different from other types of electronic music. The main characteristics can be found in the following features, but they go even beyond these features. Emotional factor in the listener is one of the main features where major characteristics can be found. Most of the contemporary trance music lays… Read More »

Learn To DJ And Scratch That Mix

Want to start a brand new career and learn to DJ like any disc jockey you admire and listen to? You can learn quickly through watching a set of videos, which will teach you how to crab, flare, transform, snake, baby scratch, and mix with the best of them. You will learn how to bring… Read More »

Why You Must Download Hip Hop from Legitimate Websites?

Are you among the millions who love club music? Are you also searching for the best place to download your favorite tracks? There are a very few websites that allow you to download your favorite tracks and genre legally. There is no doubt that hip-hop has become quite popular nowadays. However, it is still possible… Read More »

Jism 2 Bollywood Music Review

Sunny Leone and her sensuality might be bagging headlines for ‘Jism 2’, but expectations are always high from the music department of any movie from the Bhatt camp, known for churning out hit soundtracks. ‘Abhi abhi’ gives an ideal start to the album with the soulful sound of the piano. The composition is beautiful and… Read More »

Record Labels

Setting up a record label isn’t an easy task. One of the things you have to remember is that there are thousands of people every year who have a huge interest in music, trying to set up there own record label and have little success. The absolute most important part of a record label, the… Read More »

The 5 Biggest Touring Dj’s of 2010

Originally Posted at Off Track Planet – The Ultimate Backpacking Travel Guide Djs aren’t recognizable by faces, voices or songs, but have a feel, an emotional description rather, of how their style affects your mood. They are a package, a show experience. Their art is best seen live and loud. Below is our list of… Read More »

Party Bands – Have An Amazing Wedding Or Function

Party bands are just a way to add an extra sheen to your party. Different party bands play different sort of music or excel in a particular type of occasion and that is how they differ from each other. Thus, Party Bands are something that is facing a huge demand in recent times when it… Read More »

Discover Your Hidden Potential With Subliminal Messaging

There is a hidden you somewhere in there, a person that is smarter, faster and more creative than you could possibly now. In fact, many of us are walking around carrying a ‘super’ version of themselves within their body, hidden deep within the recesses of their subconscious mind. Mental experts have attributed the brain with… Read More »